Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wed, May 23, 2012 12:29p - Santiago - Print Shop and Youth Leaders

I was scheduled to speak in the afternoon to a group of youth pastors and their wives. Because the morning was free, we had time to visit the print shop that had printed my books. It was a blessing to sit down with the administrator and see his passion for the work.

Much of the equipment was very old. One trimmer dated back to the 1920's. They have done very well with the equipment they have. I was able to give a word of encouragement to the workers and pray for them and the ministry they were doing for the Lord.

One of the workers told me, at that time, that my commentary on Thessalonians and Timothy brought her to tears as she read it. Before leaving, all the workers insisted on having a signed copy of my commentary.

I spoke to the youth leaders in the afternoon on Exodus 4:1. As we concluded in prayer, one leader in particular was visibly touch by the Word of God. He told me later in the evening that the message had a strong impact on him.

The evening was spent at a restaurant with all the leaders and their wives. This was a very special event for these couples as none of them would have been able to afford this. The weekend was designed to encourage them spiritually but also to give them plenty of quality time as couples. Again, I have been encouraged to see how the Eastern Baptist Church has been taking care of its workers. I am thankful to the Lord that the money the Lord provided through many supporters in Canada made this time possible for them.

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