Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fri May,25, 2012.10:40p.- Guantanamo - Youth Congress

We had the morning off so we took some time with our translator to walk around the city of Santiago. Because he lived for many years in Santiago, he was able to show us some of the highlights of the city. We had time for a rest in the afternoon and left for Guantanamo. Upon arrival, we settled into our hotel. Later that evening we went to the youth event. They were meeting in a Baptist Church near the hotel.

I had the opportunity to speak to the youth from Isaiah 52:1-2 challenging them to rise up as children of God. The main sanctuary of the church was filled and the overflow settled in all three sides of the upper balcony.

My host told me that while the churches in this part of Cuba were generally smaller, there were many Baptist churches on this part of the island. A good number of quality leaders have come from this region.

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