Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sat, May 26, 2012 11:38a - Guantanamo - Youth Conference

After breakfast we went to First Baptist Church in Guantanamo. The church is 113 years old and is going through some reconstruction. It is the biggest Baptist church in the region so it is often used for larger events.

I spoke on Colosians 1:19-20 in the first session and from Haggai 1:8 in the second. Over 200 youth were present. As each message was delivered, I sensed a growing openness. I left this afternoon with a feeling that the Lord had indeed challenged the youth through the Scripture passages we had addressed.

My Bible commentary on Thessalonians and Timothy was distributed to all who attended this event. As at other times, many wanted their book signed. I often struggle with signing books as I don't particularly enjoy the attention it brings. I am trusting, however, that these books will continue to have an impact over the coming weeks.

We left after lunch for Bayamo, a three and a half hour drive.

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