Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mon, May 21, 2012 8:43a - Palmarón - Pastor's Retreat - Fellowship and Fun

Yesterday my host was feeling quite troubled. He had been invited to the United States but was having difficulty getting an exit visa to leave the country. There was much confusion surrounding his application. My translator and I noticed how quiet and reflective he was during the day. Before going to our hotel that evening we took some time to pray for him and his exit visa. In the morning when he picked us up, he told us that, while he did not have the papers in hand, he had heard that the exit visa was going to be granted! He was very happy about this and saw it as a direct answer to our prayers.

We traveled to Palmarón in the morning for a one day retreat with a group of pastors and their families. The meeting was to start at 9 a.m. We arrived about half an hour late but no one had yet arrived. The truck that was picking up all the families and bringing them to the retreat had been delayed. About 50 people arrived in the back of the truck at 10 o'clock.

I spoke on 2 Chronicles 5 challenging them about putting the Lord first in their lives and ministries. There seemed to be a good response to the challenge. One pastor's wife told me it was exactly what they needed at that time.

Because we started late, I was not able to speak a second time. The leaders felt their families needed time to relax and interact with each other. Just before lunch, the pastors challenged the youth to a baseball game. It was a joy to see them play. There was great laughter and joy. At the lunch table, fellowship and laughter was abundant. Many of these men and women were coming from difficult ministries so it was a blessing for me to be able to provide financially for this retreat to take place.

I left encouraged to see the desire of my hosts to bless those who were serving in full-time ministry through these events.

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