Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mon, May 28, 2012 9:25a - Bayamo - Evaluation of Two Weeks

This is the last day in Cuba. After breakfast with our translator we met with our host to evaluate the past two weeks. He expressed his contentment with how the ministry had unfolded and with what the Lord had done. He invited us to return again in May of 2013.

We reaffirmed our friendship and desire to work together in the preaching of God's Word in conferences and in the publishing and distribution of my Bible commentaries in Spanish for Cuba.

My translator left this morning. Our host asked another translator to come to lunch with us. She is involved in a music ministry in her church. In the course of the conversation, we discovered that she had gone through some difficult issues in her life. We had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with her and speak to her about her situation. She opened up to us and we were able to offer her our encouragement. We all felt that this was a wonderful gift from the Lord and that He had put us together for this purpose.

Our host gave me a receipt for the expenses incurred during the two weeks of ministry. These two weeks cost $7,250. This covered the following:

- 7 Youth and Christian Workers Conferences
- Transportation for speakers & participants
- Meals for speakers and participants
- Printing and distribution of 1,000 books
- Religious visa, tourist visa, departure tax
- Accommodations for speakers & translator
- Airfare to Cuba for Diane and I

I am thankful to the Lord for the provision of these finances and the investment we have been able to make into the kingdom of God in this country. Pray with us that this investment of time, literature and resources will have a lasting impact on this nation for Christ.

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