Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sun, May 27, 2012 10:40a - Bayamo - Cancelled Event

I was told last night that I was scheduled to preach in this evening in a Baptist church about 30 minutes from Bayamo. Until that time we were free to relax.

We had breakfast with our translator and Diane and I went for a short walk to a park nearby. We spent a couple of hours talking and enjoying the shade of a tree.

I spent time in the afternoon preparing for my speaking engagement. Just as we were preparing to leave, we notice a thunder and lightening storm approaching. When our host arrived, he phoned ahead to speak with the pastor of the church where we were going. The pastor told us that many people would not venture out under such conditions. Our driver felt that parts of the road to the church would be unsafe with the heavy rains. It was decided, therefore, that the evening speaking engagement be cancelled.

We spend the remainder of the evening at the hotel with our host, translator and driver. They expressed that they were very happy with how events had unfolded in these two weeks. Our host told me that our time in Santiago with the Youth Leaders was a time he would not forget. God had ministered to he and his wife in a special way at that time.

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