Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tue, May 15, 2012 2:45p Visa Granted Just in Time

We arrived at the Halifax airport at noon for our 3:05 p.m. flight. We were waiting for a phone call to find out where we were staying in Cuba as this would be required for immigration before we entered the country. We had also not heard anything further about a religious visa and whether I would be able to speak when I arrived. At 2:00 I received a text message saying:

"Wayne, I am trying to call Lester (our host) but no answer on his home phone or cell phone. I will keep trying."

We were told later that 9 attempts had been made to contact our host without success to get the information needed. Time passed and the announcement to pre-board came over the loud speaker. As pre-boarding was taking place, I finally received a phone call telling me that the visa was approved and would be waiting for me at the airport.

After taking a moment over the phone thank the Lord, we boarded the plane with an awareness of the immense task before us but also with the assurance that the God who had gone before us, would also give us strength to accomplish that task.

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