Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sat, May 19, 2012 7:44a Contramaestre and Campecheula - Meeting with Youth and a New Challenge

We returned this morning to Contramaestre where I spoke last evening. I shared two more times from Hebrews 12:1-2. There was about 100 youth present in the morning services.

On our way to the meetings, my translator and I spoke about what to do with the material we were translating. He felt that there was a need to get material to more rural parts of Cuba where they did not have the benefits offered in the cities.

After the meeting that morning a man called my translator over and spoke with him. He had come from one such rural mountain communities. He told us that he had not planned to be at the meeting but felt the leading of the Lord to attend. He gave my translator a note and asked him to share it with me. The note expressed the need they had in their isolated community for training and encouragement. We felt that the Lord was affirming what we had been speaking about earlier that day. We decided that we would seek the Lord for how to minister to communities such as this through the books we were translating.

We returned to our hotel mid afternoon and were able to rest before leaving for Campechuela, about an hour and a half to the south west of Bayamo. I spoke there to a group of 100 youth from Luke 4 on the matter of purity of heart and mind.

At the close of the service, one of the youth, who had led the service, greeted me at the door. She asked if I remembered her from a previous youth conference. She told me that at that event she had received a copy of my commentary on the book of Acts. It had been an encouragement to her.

I am surprised to see how the books we have been publishing in Cuba have been reaching many people. God has been reaffirming this literature ministry and challenging me to step out further in it for His glory and the blessing of believers here in Cuba.

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